Friday, May 26, 2006

Hans Perk got a blog!

I´m not really here too much as you might have noticed, but this is really something.

Hans Perk is one of those people that really cares about animation and I mean all aspects of animation.

I remember a long time ago, A-film got a couple of seqences on a feature film from another studio and for some reason this studio were using a different peg system.
The second Hans saw this new peg-bar he picked it up like it was something really special and said “ This is the same peg system that they used at Disney in the old days.” Everybody looked at him like ´so what? It´s just a peg-bar!´, but Hans just went over to one of his big piles of paper and from way down at the bottom he pulled a large brown envelope. In it were seven original Frank Thomas drawings from “The Rescuers”.
I don´t think anybody knew that there was original Frank Thomas drawings in the studio, so now he had everybody´s attention.
He put the seven drawings on the new peg-bar and fliped the drawings with his thumb from the very top of the paper so we could see the animation.
One of the other A-film owners wanted to flip the scene by rolling the drawings forth and back to better see what was going on, but Hans went “STOP, YOU´LL RUIN IT!”
He pointed to some very faint flip-marks on the left side of the paper “THOSE ARE ORIGINAL FRANK THOMAS FLIP-MARKS!!”

So there you go. Hans cares about animation. He cares about who sat in what office at Hyperion Ave. He cares about who did the most precise bar-sheets for the Silly Symphonys and he cares about original flip-marks.
He got a ton of stuff you never knew existed and now he is putting some of it on his blog.
I think that if we all bug him a little, he might show us some stunning Frank Thomas drawings some day, or we can ask him if it´s true that Ken Anderson did ten or so inspirational drawings for an A-film project 20 years ago and if he still got those drawings lying around someplace. ( I think he still got them).

Anyway. Go say hallo. He is here.


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Thanks for the link Bo.Hope you are doing well.

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