Sunday, January 22, 2006

Green Tobaco

Enjoying a fine East African blend.


Anonymous rune said...

Ku' man ik' lave en historie ud af det??

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff, Bo!
I always enjoy watching your drawings, most of them are just brilliant!!!! One thing though about this particular one: do you think blurring the car is a good choice for such a graphical and fifties kind of look? I would have went for a lighter image to get it less dominant but still in sharp edges...
Just a personal taste man...

4:59 PM  
Blogger Zimpleton said...

Meelis!!! you old egg-thief.
How are you?
Thank you for your nice comments. I´m sorry I missed your first comment, but I´m glad you´re back.

Yes. The car looks dumb, but I did not like that everything was flat. Her face, her dress and the car was all flat, so blurring it was a desperate attempt on making the hole drawing less pancake like, but you´re right. It obviously doesn´s work.

I hope you are doing GREAT! In full color and with inner feeling and emotion and all that.


3:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haa my good old man Bo !!!
Inner feelings and emotions....., that's something I haven't thought for a loooong time, honestly!! Thanx for bringing it back! Right now I'm more into big against small or straight versus curve or negative against positive or light against dark or quick against slow..... and all these kind of things....or to put it more generally - CONTRAST, contrast in everything!!
I'm doin' good, thanx. Chasing with the time to get our 12-minutes short done in time, lots of stuff to do still but thank god I know 100% what I want so it's mostly just getting it done and whipping the guys who are doing it harder.
The film by the way has very flat and simplistic visual look and during making it I've grown to hate anything that looks too digital and computerish and lacks a human touch, (that includes all blurrs which were the first things to be kicked off from the project;-)) But it's just a personal taste, blame me, I could be wrong..
Keep on doing a good stuff and hope to see you sometimes,

2:12 PM  

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